What We Offer

Ridester is a car-pooling company that comprises of a community of carpoolers and travellers that help the task of travelling ore easy and fun. This is a community, which is free to join, and where both the drivers and travellers are able to find their search answered.The idea behind this is simple, road trippers who are planning for a trip; create a profile stating their travel location and their preferences for co-travellers like gender, age and personal likings. Because it is important that your co-travellers have same interest as you. It is just like organizing a group travel and proper pre-planning has to done with regards to the travel plan. When people with the same interests and travel preferences join together there begins a new car-pool ride.


The expenses are also shared and in some cases pre-paid. In the event of cancellation of the particular trip, the company takes care of the refund matters. Also the feedback of the travellers are collected at the end of the trip, to ensure that things going the right direction and if any discrepancies are found, proper measures are taken to rectify them.


The Company has a fantastic back-end support which offers support before your travel and throughout your travel. All the messages relating to your trip are texted to you to make sure that you are kept updated about your trip plans. Any addition or reduction to the passenger list and the details about your co-travellers are all conveyed to you. This is to ensure complete safety and security of the travellers. In case the passenger list includes a female traveller, extra safety measures are followed and if needed a background check of passengers are also done to ensure maximum safety of all the travellers.So car-pooling through Ridester is a hassle free, safe,and economically viable and most of all an eco-friendly option for both travellers and road trippers.


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With all the pros and cons, the concept of car-pooling is well accepted in most parts of the world and is gaining momentum. There are many companies that have emerged to organize this car-pooling service effectively and in a more professional way.